Vince Briffa

Participant category:Exhibiting artist

Artwork:Playing God, 2007


Playing God is based around the idea of the inevitability of destiny. The title of the work has obvious religious overtones; Christianity has been the subject of previous work by Vince Briffa.
In a reversal of the traditional notion of God looking down on us, the participant experiencing Playing God looks up to take the role of Savior. The participant looks up to a canopy, similar to those found in Baroque churches. The technology below provides the means to interact with the images found projected on the underside of the canopy. By interacting with the work you control the decisions of a girl called Amy as she searches for her lost cat, Tini. By taking control of Amy’s decisions you take control of both her destiny and that of her lost cat. Although you respond to the events before you, steering the character in the best way you can, the technology below contains all the answers to what lies ahead.

Who is really in control of the destiny of Amy and Tini?


Vince Briffa, born in 1958, is a Maltese artist who continues to live and work in Malta. He has exhibited widely and represented Malta in the 48th Venice Biennale. For more information about the artist please visit