Participant category:Exhibiting artist

Artwork:Forest of Imagined Beginnings (2007)


In the Forest of Imagined Beginnings there are no clear rules or objectives. It is simply an online landscape that is vulnerable to the whims and wants of the community that adopt this digital terrain as their own. Exploring the forest enclosure users can embed their own messages within the landscape. Overtime the forest will reveal a tangled mass of expressions, poetically unravelling and floating up to the sky. The forest has not worn a path, once entered you could affect its direction…..

This instance of Forest of Imagined Beginnings on exhibition at the Harris Museum & Art Gallery has been commissioned by Folly, Lancaster in conjunction with digi_club an online forum for people aged between 12-16 years.

Forest of Imagined Beginnings is supported by enter_unknown territories, International Festival & Conference for New Technology Art,CambridgeUK and the National Centre of Computer Animation,Bournemouth University.



boredomresearch is a collaboration between Southampton UK based artists Vicky Isley and Paul Smith. They are greatly inspired by the diversity that exists in nature. Using computational technology they explore this diversity to simulate natural patterns, behaviours and intricate forms that gradually change over time