Digital Aesthetic 2 included a 2 day symposium event, organised by the Harris Museum & Art Gallery and the Electronic and Digital Art Unit, at UCLan.

Held at the University of Central Lancashire and chaired by exhibiting artist Jane Prophet, the event aimed to question “Can the digital have the potential to change the perception of art?”

The event brought together some of the most significant visual artists, theorists, curators and academics working in the international field of new media and digital imaging, including:
Dr Chris Meigh Andrews, Prof David Garcia, Jon Thomson, Alison Craighead, Clive Gillman, Gary Hill, Dr Charlie Gere, Dr Andrea Zapp, Prof Sean Cubitt, Prof Bill Seaman, Prof Paul Sermon, Robert Cahen, Peter Appleton, Taylor Nuttall, Steina & Woody Vasulka, Matt Adams, Avi Rosen, Lori Zippay and David Surman.

On Friday, the event was followed by a series of private view openings at PR1 Gallery, Preston Minster, PAD Gallery and Harris Museum & Art Gallery.

Conference Schedule:

Conference Schedule: Friday 16th & Saturday 17th March, 2007

Photos (c) Tony Knox.